Responsibility for funding STI research lies primarily with the Australian Government. The states and territories also contribute to the funding of research through a number of institutions.

A range of research priorities will inform policy and practice in Australia. This strategy recommends that research be undertaken in priority populations to better inform priority action areas at all levels (e.g. social, behavioural, clinical and health system, and basic research). This strategy also highlights the benefits of collaborative research and reporting and analysis to maximise investment.

Research focusing on patterns of sex work, mobility and migration, barriers to accessing services, and identifying particularly vulnerable or marginalised groups of workers to support improved program development, is important and should continue in consultation with sex worker organisations.

Priority actions in research

  • Establish consultative mechanisms to set the agenda for social, behavioural, clinical and health service, and basic scientific research at national, state and territory levels.
  • Create opportunities for increased collaboration between national centres, other research centres and researchers in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health.