Second National Sexually Transmissible Infections Strategy 2010 - 2013

6.2.2 Partner notification

Page last updated: July 2010

Partner notification identifies relevant contacts of a person with an infectious disease and ensures they are aware of their exposure. The objective of partner notification is to inform and educate those who have, or are at risk of getting, STIs.45

Data to guide efficient practice and allocation of resources for partner notification are needed. This information is being developed through the evaluation of the chlamydia program and jurisdictional activities. Constant review of the effectiveness of approaches to partner notification is necessary as it is an essential part of STI control at jurisdictional level.

A number of projects related to partner notification were funded under an initiative of the first national STI strategy. These are drawing to a close and their effectiveness is being evaluated. Findings will inform future policy direction.

In general, partner notification and treatment should be undertaken as a matter of urgency because of the seriousness of the condition (e.g. HIV and syphilis) or because early intervention can interrupt transmission (e.g. gonorrhoea and chlamydia).

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45 Bangor-Jones RD, McCloskey J, Crooks L, Bastian LA, Mak DB, Dykstra C, Marshall LJ & Achitei SR, 2009, ‘Attitudes of WA GPs to Chlamydia Partner Notification: A Survey’, poster presentation, GP’09 A Doctor for All Seasons Conference, Perth, 1 October.