Submissions to the 2012 Review of the National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme - ROAM (Remove obstacles to Australian Manufacturers)

The Discussion Paper: Review of the National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS)–June 2012 was released on 1 June 2012. Submissions were received betweeen 1 June and 27 July 2012. The comments received from this consultation process will be used to inform the government of stakeholder views

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ROAM (Remove obstacles to Australian Manufacturers)

NICNAS since its inception in 1989 has been the major direct cause (& indirect cause) of the loss of much of Australia's manufacturing sector.

We (ROAM) have participated in a number of enquiries but regrettably, we have not even been able to persuade the bureaucracy that NICNAS effects ALL manufacturing industries—it is not just about the chemical industry.

We made a detailed submission to the Productivity Commission in which we identified a number of manufacturing organisations (not chemical manufacturers) who have ceased their manufacturing operations in Australia—NOT because of Australia's cost base but because they could not access ingredients available to our off shore competitors (due to NICNAS).

We suggested at that time that (even though it was probably too late) NICNAS should be directed to accept accreditation of ALL substances so accredited in the USA & Europe. Whilst the Productivity Commissioner agreed & so directed NICNAS no time frame was imposed. We pointed out that the usual NICNAS reaction that Australia is "different" is a nonsense because NICNAS can investigate any substance at any time if there is a compelling case to do so.

Our frustration is almost complete—NICNAS will continue to lead Australia to economic ruin. Manufactures as a proportion of GDP has sunk to less than 8% (from 35%) which as any economist knows is far too low to support an economy.

Hopefully all concerned will be proud of themselves.

Barry Alchin (02 9524 3005)
Maurie Catt (02 9634 6127)

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