Innovation grants in areas of high need (2016-2018) – Tackling Indigenous Smoking (TIS)

Targeted innovation grants aim to expand the evidence base in Indigenous tobacco control in areas of high need.

Page last updated: 05 January 2017

On the 8 November 2016, Assistant Minister for Health and Aged Care, Ken Wyatt AM, MP announced the funding of seven organisations through to 30 June 2018 under the Australian Government’s Tackling Indigenous Smoking (TIS) Program.

The seven innovation projects will deliver intensive smoking prevention and cessation activities, coupled with research and evaluation, to address the most difficult and critical smoking behaviours within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. The projects target remote and very remote areas which have high smoking rates, and specific groups such as pregnant women and young people susceptible to taking up smoking.

The objectives of the innovation projects are to:

    • design and implement innovative approaches to interventions for the identified high risk and high prevalence Indigenous populations;
    • explore the barriers and enablers to implementation in a variety of settings;
    • add to the evidence of what works in achieving a lower prevalence of smoking and reducing smoking uptake; and
    • identify effective and scalable approaches for future programs.
The projects are designed to be transferable and sustainable through providing research outcomes to build evidence for effective interventions for hard to reach groups.

The innovation projects are the final element of the TIS Program to be implemented and all projects have now commenced. The projects are as follows: