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23 Dec 2015

Quality Assurance for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Medical Services (QAAMS) Pathology programme

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16 Jan 2018

Legislation relating to Pathology

09 Jan 2018

Quality Use of Pathology Program (QUPP)

13 Jun 2017

Requirements for Gynaecological (Cervical) Cytology Third Edition 2017

02 Nov 2016

Pathology (Approved Collection Centres) Roundtable on Compliance – Boston Consulting Group Report of Roundtable held on 27 April 2016

17 Nov 2015

Requirements for the Packaging and Transport of Pathology Specimens and Associated Materials (Fourth Edition 2013)

24 Jun 2015

Performance Measures for Australian Laboratories Reporting Cervical Cytology (Third Edition 2015)

24 Jun 2015

Requirements for Procedures Related to the Collection, Processing, Storage and Issue of Human Haemopoietic Progenitor Cells (Fifth Edition 2015)

23 Jun 2014

Requirements for the Medical Testing of Human Nucleic Acids (Second Edition 2013)

20 Feb 2014

Requirements for Medical Pathology Services (First Edition 2013)

07 Feb 2014

Requirements for Quality Management in Medical Laboratories 2007

07 Jan 2014

Requirements for Information Communication - Third Edition 2013

07 Jan 2014

Requirements for Medical Testing of Microbial Nucleic Acids (Second Edition 2013)

06 Jan 2014

Requirements for the Estimation of Measurement Uncertainty 2007 edition

27 Nov 2013

Guidelines for Approved Pathology Collection Centres (Requirements for Medical Pathology Specimen Collection) (Third Edition 2013)

27 Nov 2013

Requirements for the Facilities and Operation of Mortuaries (Third Edition 2013)

19 Mar 2013

Guidelines for the Use of Liquid Based Collection Systems and Semi-Automated Screening Devices in the Practice of Gynaecological (Cervical) Cytology - 2006

27 Nov 2012

Requirements for the Performance of Anatomical Pathology Cut-up (Fourth Edition 2013)

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